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Name:Toru Mizushima
Birthdate:Sep 14

Mizushima, Toru

- Birthday: September 14th
- Sign: Virgo
- Favorite Food: Cake
- Least Favorite Food: Capsicum
- Blood Type: A
- 2nd Year, Class 3. He's in the same class as Tokita and Kuga, but doesn't remember any of their classmate's names or faces.
- He puts his headphones on to cut himself off from the rest of the world.
- He is shorter than the average male student.
- He likes sweets. A lot. To the point of it's a higher priority than minimal exposure at times. ♥
- Very observant.
- "Special Power": When a camera is pointed at him, he is able to detect and avoid it. All pictures taken of and with him are blurred where he stands.

Toru was born without any Iris, an "Iris Zero". Because of that, he was picked on a lot when he was young.

The owner of a gloomy and rude personality born from bullying, learning from his elementary school years, he debuted in middle school with the policy of low exposure. As of Chapter 1, however, his days of peace and quiet are over when Sasamori Koyuki - his lifestyle's complete opposite and natural enemy - appears and asks him out unexpectedly.

With his characterisitic thinking power and observance, he can't get away from his past even if he tried.

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"Gathering people's attention just makes more enemies."
-- Toru Mizushima, Chapter 1, on "Low Exposure".
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